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Looking for indoor drills during lockdown? Here are our top 3.

Are you finding yourself locked inside close to a year after the first lockdowns were introduced to the world? Well, summer is just around the corner and it’s time you stop making excuses as to why you can’t get your golf game into tip top shape just in the nick of time. Check out our top three indoor golf drills during lockdown.

It’s time to take your golf game back into your own hands – forget coming out of lockdown with your summer body, instead it’s time to prioritize what’s really important … your golf swing of course! Lockdowns are providing an opportunity for every golfer to really focus on a key fundamental of their golf game: their muscle memory.

Read on to find the best indoor golf drills to sharpen your golf game just in time for summer!


1. Coin Stack Putting Drill

This is a great putting drill that is typically completed with two tees, however, it is easily adaptable to an indoor lockdown environment.

Start with finding enough coins to form two stacks of coins about two inches tall each. Place one of the stacks by the toe of your putter head and the other stack by the heel of your putter. Your objective is to complete your putting stroke without knocking over either stack of coins.

If you continuously knock over the stack by the toe of your putter head, you may be struggling with cutting across your golf ball.  Try focusing on pulling your putter closer to your body on your back swing. On the other hand, if you are continuously knocking over the stack by the heel of your putter, you may be struggling with pushing your putts out right – try focusing on pulling your putter straight back, rather than letting it swing in towards your body on your back swing.


2. Impact Labels

Have you not hit golf balls in months and months?

This is a drill that is a great way to diagnose what you can expect from your golf swing after a several month hiatus.

Impact labels are stickers for your club face that leave imprints when you make contact with a golf ball. They allow you to see if you are making any off-centre contact with the ball so you can adjust your set up or swing accordingly.

Given that lockdown is still upon us … and most people don’t have state of the art golf simulators set up in their basements to be able to hit full speed, real golf ball shots, the below is a great alternative to the stickers (and will save you a few euros!).
Try putting a bit of sunscreen (or lotion) on your club face and hit a foam golf ball. This will give you the same result and you will be able to see where you are making contact. Just make sure to wipe off any leftover residue to prevent any potential club damage!


3. Headcover on Ground

This is yet another great drill for you to shrug off that golf swing rust just in time for summer!

Grab your favourite iron and set up to an imaginary golf ball. Then place a headcover about an inch away from the toe of your club face and swing away. Your objective is to not make contact with your headcover.

If you find yourself hitting the headcover out to the right, you are likely swinging too much “in-to-out” and contrary, if you find yourself hitting the headcover to the left, you are likely swinging too much “out-to-in”.

This is a great drill to receive immediate feedback on your swing path and allows you to adjust.


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get the repetitions in so you can hit the links in tip top shape this summer! Happy swinging!

Mark Heinemann PGA  Professional at Killarney Golf & Fishing

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Top Three Indoor Golf Drills During Lockdown


Originally from Shropshire, England Mark has been based in Killarney, Co Kerry, South West Ireland since 2002 and is Head Professional at Killarney Golf & Fishing Club. Mark coaches players of all ages and abilities, helping students to utilise their natural abilities so they can consistently shoot lower scores and become better golfers.