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A Golf Skills test is exactly what you need if you don’t have the time for lessons.  But you want to know what golf skills to improve, so you can reduce your scores.

A Golf Skills test objectively measures your strengths and weaknesses on the course and at the practice area. You’ll learn to make better decisions on the course with the skills you currently possess. And you’ll experiencing a testing process that thoroughly examines all aspects of your game.

A golf skills test will open your eyes to the mistakes you’ve been making when you practice. Learn how one or 2 skills improved can make a big difference in your game.

At the end of the evaluation our PGA Professional Mark Heinemann will show you targeted specific drills on how you can turn and weakness into a strength.

What is a Golf Skills test?

A Golf Skills test takes about 2 hours to complete.  The Assessment provides a comprehensive and objective assessment of your current skill level. You’ll learn what specific areas of your skill set to target for improvement. 10 tests x 10 balls = 100 balls hit.

You’ll be tested on your Full Swing Skills, Short Game and Putting Skills, each objectively documents your skills under real time simulated pressure situations.

Afterward completing the evaluation, you and golf instructor will review the data.  And determine the best direction for your to take should you decide a Golf Instruction Program is the right choice for you.

After the evaluation you will receive a full report detailing your overall performance and that of your fellow competitors.

All great golfers go through a regular golf skill evaluation as part of an overall improvement program.  Why shouldn’t you?

Want to know more about what a Golf Skills test?

What does a Golf Skills Evaluation Include?

It provides a holistic understanding of your golf skills using objective measurements and feedback.  From the Golf Skills Evaluation, you and John can best determine an improvement plan that is customized to your specific improvement goals and needs.

Each Golf Skills test includes –

  • A 2-hour complete evaluation of your golf skills at 10 tests x 10 balls = 100 balls hit.
  • At the conclusion of the evaluation, you’ll sit down with Mark and go over the findings of your evaluation. Mark will make recommendations to you about the low hanging improvements you can make immediately to realize immediate improvements to your scores. Mark will also make recommendations that address the more time consuming skills that when improved, could lead to sustained improvement.
  • Detailed report, email & hard copy of your results in each of the 10 areas.
  • At the conclusion of the evaluation, you can choose to continue coaching with Mark Heinemann PGA or use the evaluation to work on your game by yourself.
  • Suitable for groups of 10 – 20 players
  • from €25 pp



Originally from Shropshire, England Mark has been based in Killarney, Co Kerry, South West Ireland since 2002 and is Head Professional at Killarney Golf & Fishing Club. Mark coaches players of all ages and abilities, helping students to utilise their natural abilities so they can consistently shoot lower scores and become better golfers.