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Golf Etiquette – a beginners Guide

Golf and etiquette have historically been linked. A key value that distinguishes golf and has its origins in the game’s original laws is following a code of practice that places civility, respect, and fair play at the center of the game.
To put it another way, golf etiquette is an important aspect of the game. And it’s something that newbies to the game frequently learn on the job – on the golf course when competing against more experienced players. Here are some fundamental rules of the road to make the game enjoyable for you and others around you if you are new to the game or simply need to sharpen up your golf etiquette.

1. Stay Silent!
It’s advisable to remain silent and calm while someone is hitting a shot near you. Similar to how we respond to our female partners when they have an issue with our actions.
The cell phone is also included in this; on the golf course, turn it off and leave it in the bag in utter silent mode with no vibration. If your business is more essential than your golf game with friends, you have the wrong priorities in life!
When a player undoes their golf glove Velcro on your backswing, it’s one of the most irritating things. Between other players’ shots, do this as well as pull and put clubs in the bag. This applies on the driving range also.

2. Take your time but don’t be the slowest!
You rush around all week, so when you hit the course, you want to take your time. Drag out the waggle a little bit, take in the scenery, and even chat it up with old buddies. But if you are the slowest one in the group, you are annoying people. If you lose a ball and feel like wallowing in the woods for the next half hour, let the group behind you play through; or do yourself a favor: keep it to a maximum 5-minute ball search.

3. Take care of the golf course
To begin with, it’s shocking how much damage a golf cart can cause to a course. So keep in mind that you’re not on the freeway. You do not need to remain in a single line. Driving on those routes repeatedly drives the wheels deep into the track. To avoid distracting other players, try dispersing your driving route and staying incognito on the course. Golf carts may be a major distraction, and they can even be deadly when you’re inebriated (to our poor greens, of course!). Golf courses are well maintained, yet they have a delicate aura. Maintain a pleasant appearance by properly placing flagsticks and golf bags and mending divot holes.

4. Dress to win!
On the golf field, dress for success. There’s a reason why golf is so unique. It’s not like the rest of the sports. It necessitates a level of etiquette and respect that respects the game’s traditions while also putting everyone at comfortable in this shared haven of serenity. When you dress like a pro, you carry yourself differently and are more likely to execute your swing with finesse. Polish, of course! On the course, in your attire, and in your swing, golf is all about polish.

5. Fix your pitch marks
Taking care of the green keeps it in excellent shape and makes the job of the greenkeeper much easier. When pitch markings are corrected within a few minutes, grass on greens heals significantly faster than if they are left neglected. Unattended marks turn dark and scar, which is unsightly.
Make a pitch mark repair with a pitch mark repairer, a pocket knife blade, or a tee peg. Simply put, just utilize something.

Wrapping up, even on your worst days, these five easy unwritten rules can help you look as though you understand the game well. Keep it classy!


Golf etiquette – a beginners guide


Originally from Shropshire, England Mark has been based in Killarney, Co Kerry, South West Ireland since 2002 and is Head Professional at Killarney Golf & Fishing Club. Mark coaches players of all ages and abilities, helping students to utilise their natural abilities so they can consistently shoot lower scores and become better golfers.