Mark offers online one to one individual tuition to golfers worldwide. For less than half the cost of a in-person lesson, you can get expert advice on what to do with your game.

Making sure you are training the right part of your game will not only improve your golf, but give you confidence by knowing that you have something specific to work on. However, to do this you need the time and expertise on hand to guide you…

With our Online Academy, powered by V1 Golf, we can help by saving you time traveling to your coach, as well as offering detailed feedback on what you need to work on with any part of your game. So if you’re unable to visit the golf studio in Killarney then this might be the option for you.

‘It’s like having your own personal pro on demand’

Follow the instructions below to upload your swing videos.

How to send me your swing videos click here

Remember to email a brief description of any problem shots or concerns that you may have with your game to Each online lesson costs €35 via paypal.

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