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Rules Corner – Casual Water

Is soft, mushy earth casual water and I am entitled
to free relief under Rule 25
No. Contrary to popular belief soft, mushy earth is
not deemed to be casual water and unless water
becomes visible when a player takes their normal
stance (i.e. not p
ressing down with much effort
) no
free relief is available.
What are your options when you find your ball in a
bunker that is completely filled by casual water?
If your ball lies in such a bunker your options are as
You may play the ball
as it lies or:
drop the ball in the bunker without penalty at the
nearest point, not nearer the hole, where the depth of
the casual water is at its lowest
drop the ball behind the bunker under a penalty of
one stroke
deem the ball unplayable
and proceed under Rule
of the golf course.