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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Rules Corner – Casual Water

Q. Is soft, mushy earth casual water and I am entitled to free relief under Rule 25 – 1? A. No. Contrary to popular belief soft, mushy earth is not deemed to be casual water and unless water becomes visible when a player takes their normal stance (i.e. not p ressing down with much effort […]

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Should I get custom fitted for clubs?

Too many golfers want to get fitted for new clubs because thats what the salesman or club pro told them to do, or because of some sense that nobody buys “off the rack” anymore. For some, fitted clubs will be money well spent, but others would be better off investing in some lessons first. Getting […]

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Happy Birthday Gary Player

Gary Player turns 81 this month and he still does over 1,000 sit-ups and crunches every single day as part of his exercise routine! Age is not an excuse!!

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